April 13

After an incredibly pleasant stay in Baku where I made so many friends and had such a good time, we were finally able to make it to the boat today.  We got notice at 11am that there was a boat, and it was leaving at 7pm – we had to pick up tickets by 12 and be there by 5!  Not a hell of a lot of time to get things done, so we summoned the help of our Azeri crew. After about ten minutes, Chinara told me she would be able to come over and help me with the tickets – great success.  She called the ticket office who told us that we had until 1pm to get tickets, so no need to panic, then she arrived at 12 at our place with a taxi in tow.  Kamran arrived at the same time, and he ran upstairs to help Ryan get the taxi sorted out, as well as consume the rest of the new Game of Thrones episodes before we headed out into the great Asian yonder. 

We made it to the ticket office pretty quickly, with Chinara asking one pertinent question on the way – would we need our passports? I assured her that probably wouldn’t be a problem.  Obviously, I turned out to be wrong, but with scans of my passport on my phone, and Ryan’s quickly sent through to her phone we managed to dodge that bullet.  Just as we were about to leave, Chinara’s face widened in horror as she heard the woman in charge say that there was no boat today, but thankfully, that was to Turkmenistan – we were still on our lucky streak. Our boat, however, would not leave until 10pm, so we didn’t need to be there until 8.  Since it was 1230 and we’d just had a number of near heart attacks getting ourselves in order we headed back to the flat to relax. 

Since the port the ferry leaves from is, of course, 70km south of Baku, we had a taxi booked for 615.  As it arrives, we realise it’s way too small to get the bikes in, so Kamran calls two more and as I stress on the steps outside the apartment, they slowly make their way over.  We manage to fit the bikes inside one of the taxis, with only a little shoving, and we’re off!  It takes us about an hour to get to the port – made more difficult by the fact that it’s so new it doesn’t show up on any maps – and after we’ve unloaded our bikes and bags, we quickly dash through customs to find the only boat in the port – the Agdam, our home for the next day – or potentially more.

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