March 30

No mail today – the plane was coming from Israel.  Our visa for Turkmenistan starts one week from today so time is starting to screw down on us.  It’s a problem.  We simply don’t have enough time to cross Azerbaijan by bike and arrange things for Turkmenistan. 

We decided we needed to leave asap, but had a few things to sort out first.  Just as we sat down to get them done, the internet cut out of course so we were sat holding ourselves for twenty minutes until we upped and sat outside a closed cafe that had internet and got them done. We’re trying to get our things sent to Baku now instead of Tbilisi, but no idea if it’s going to work.  Ryan went out to try and pick up some replacement brake pads for his bike as it didn’t looking like his were coming through and he was even able to pick up some fuel for the stove!  He got back at about 4pm, so there wasn’t really much point in leaving by this point.  Even though nothing had arrived for us with Nino, I went to meet her and her friends.  They were incredibly nice and after some mulled wine we went to an authentic Georgian restaurant and had a few beers and an illuminating discussion about Georgian politics.  Nino is an journalist, and is quite anti-government, which is funny as both of her friends have positions in the govt.  Considering politics is a massive deal in Georgia, compared to the UK at least, as they’ve only ever had three or four democratically elected leaders, it was a very interesting night.

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