April 3

We woke in the morning to meet Jochem, a Dutch guy working for the Embassy, and Vicente, a Spanish guy who had been studying in Baku.  They were Umut’s flatmates and super friendly – Vicente offered to show us around Baku which was real nice of him.  He showed us some of the sights, then took us to a miniature book museum, which was surprisingly cool, and then we headed to the Shirvanshah’s palace where we got some incredible photos taken.

That night, we had a few beers then came incredibly close to booking flights to Las Vegas for Umut to marry his American girlfriend.  We’d found flights, arranged what to do with all our stuff (one of the guys would take a night train from Baku to Tbilisi) and figured out how to continue on as we’d have to miss out Turkmenistan.  Just as we were about to book flights, Umut’s girlfriend wisely told us that if they got married, he would have to stay in the country for at least two months otherwise he’d be barred from American citizenship.  So we ended up going out to a couple of bars and clubs instead and had a great night, but man, we came so close to a side adventure that we could really taste it.

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