March 28

Tbilisi was one of our drop points for packages, parts and spares, so I’d been given a contact by my friend Vlad with whom we could have things sent.  Nino was perfectly happy for us to have our stuff sent to her, but by the time we’d arrived none of our stuff had and it wasn’t looking good.  Not to be deterred, we went to a local bike shop that had some expertise in touring bikes – most of the bikes in Georgia are downhill or cross-country bikes due to the poor quality of the road – and we got a bit of a tune up.  I picked up some spare brake pads in case the ones I’ve had sent to Nino’s don’t arrive and Ryan got some work done on his bike.

As we were waiting for our bikes to be looked over, we wandered around looking for some place to eat and stumbled into a Wendy’s, an American fast food chain, which was both disgusting and delicious in equal measures.  Tbilisi has a lot of American fast food chains: Subway, Dunkin Donuts; Wendy’s; and the ubiquitous KFC, Burger King and McDonalds.  I think this is because of the heavy presence of UN and NGO’s in Tbilisi, but I’m not really sure.  After we got our bikes looked at we cycled through the streets of Tbilisi and went back to the hostel to rest.

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