March 22

Had a very lazy day yesterday, didn’t get moving until noon, then finally got our butts in gear and went to collect our passports from Trabzon centre – it took us ages to get there but finally we arrived, picked up our passports and inside were our brand new Chinese visas.  Such a relief.  Came home after walking around Trabzon for a while, and we partied again, this time I crashed sometime after midnight. 

Today, woke up at 6am again.  It’s starting to get old.  It’s fine when we’re on the road, but when I don’t need to wake up until 10 or 11am, it is a trifle annoying.  I dozed and watched TV until everyone was up, then we trooped off to Trabzon to get our bus heading up to Sumela Monastery.  We arrived there, through the driving snow, at 11am and jumped off the bus.  There was a long climb to the top, along snow covered tracks, which took us about an hour to conquer.  It was slippy as hell which made for some amusing viewing watching people slide all over the place.  Once we were up at the top, we were given a hard hat (still not really sure why) and were able to enter.  It was beautiful, but half of it was closed for restoration, and probably not really worth the 15TL we paid to get in.   We spent a half hour taking some goofy photos then headed to catch the bus back down – of course no one else wanted to walk down so the bus was super crowded.

We finally got down to the bottom, and then back to Trabzon, and embarked on a kunefe hunt.  Kunefe is a cheese based dessert, crispy and hot and melty all at the same time, and it’s delicious.    It took us a long time wandering the streets to track some down, but finally we did and it was so worth it.  After our dessert hunt, we headed back to our flat and cracked open a few beers.  The girls leave tomorrow at 830, and we’re going to be riding along the Black Sea towards Georgia. 

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