April 4

Woke up hungover as shit, and once we’d finally dragged our bodies out of bed, we went for lunch at a London pub and had a full English.  Not enough beans and the sausages were a bit weird, but it was excellent nonetheless.  Afterwards, we returned to the Shirvanshah’s palace to take the posed photos again, as Umut and Jochem wanted to do it.  After wandering around the old town and having a pint in an Irish bar while watching the football, we went to an Azeri volleyball game. 

Women’s volleyball seems to be a big game in Azerbaijan, and people take it very seriously.  One of Jochem’s friends work as the physio to Lokomotiv, so they quickly became our team.  I must admit, I wasn’t expecting much, but one I was able to understand what was happening it turned out to be awesome. Our team won as well, which was nice, and after screaming ourselves hoarse we went home and I passed out.  Waking again at 1am, it turned out everyone was still up drinking beer so of course I joined them and stayed up until 6am. 

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