March 13

We’d planned to wake up early this morning to get some shots of balloons taking off, but our early waking was to no avail.  For some reason they were all set up and ready to go, and then when we turned to look ten seconds later, they’d disappeared.  Apparently, the wind had changed or something, and there was no flights that day.  So, I headed back to bed. 

It rained intermittently until about 3, so we just chilled out at the campsite, interrupted periodically by the creepy guy who ran the place.  Many of his conversations revolved around the sexy women who came to the campsite, what ages they were and where they came from.  Apparently german woman are too large, but italian girls are just right.  It was like some sexual goldilocks and the three bears but not quite with such a strong moral message (don’t fuck with bears).

Once we did get out and about, we decided to go check out love valley – named so, by the cunning turks, as a lot of the rock pillars in the valley look like dicks.  While I’m not 100% sure that’s true, a more apt name for it would be valley of dicks, so i’m sure they sanitised it to valley of love. 

Well, the rock cocks were beautiful.  The valley itself is absolutely stunning, and so glad we went to see it.  Firstly, we tried to take our bikes down into the valley itself, but that proved to be a terrible idea, and after almost an hour of us screwing up, we hauled them back to the top of the valley and decided to ride along the top – a much wiser idea.  This meant that it was coming on for 430 by the time we started riding down the valley and as we got further down we realised the sun was starting to set.  We’d made plans to go to Red Valley for sunset, but it was ages away, so we decided to just take our time where we were.  The area was beautiful as the sun set, and the clouds were lit up in a really amazing way, with blasts of rain interspersed with the light of the setting sun.  As we got down to the bottom and back to the main road the sky really started to light up, so we had a slow ride back to camp, stopping to take lots of photos. 

As we’re planning to leave tomorrow, we spent the night charging our devices, sitting beside the only power socket, watching TV shows.  Finally, the creep owner returned our passports at about 9pm and we scurried off to bed to try and keep warm.  My dinner was a big tub of chocolate pudding – you’re welcome 7-year old Charlie. 

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