March 12

Blowy and loud all night, and woke up to rain this morning, so not the nicest start to Cappadocia.  We hung about the campsite until about noon, then forced ourselves to get out and go do something.  Ryan had spoken to someone on couchsurfing who said we could come meet him, and so we wandered into town to see him.  Turns out we went the wrong way, but we had a nice walk about Goreme and got a cheap kebab for lunch.  Went up the hill to where he worked and talked to him for a while about nice places to see.  From there we went to Uchisar Castle which was awesome, then tried to bike down Pigeon Valley (so called, as pigeon poop was one of the only ways to get fertiliser in Cappadocia – if you didn’t have a set of pigeons no one would marry you!) which really didn’t work out very well.  It was awesome to do, but touring bikes don’t really ride well over wet sand…

After Pigeon Valley we headed over to the Goreme open air museum which was again, amazing, loads of little 11th C churches carved out of the rock.  Lots of tourists though which was a change from normal.  We headed back to the campsite and took a shower before heading into town for a cheap dinner of Turkish food – i made a hellish mistake of ordering pottery kebab.  It looked nice but turns out the meat inside the pot was just full of flecks of baked clay, not enjoyable eating.  Luckily, the restaurant had a little puppy called Google running around so that made up for it.  After dinner, went back to campsite and skyped our friend Isil who we are meeting in Trabzon, then skyped Tales of Adventure in London which was thankfully short, it was freezing out and way past my bedtime!

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