March 11

We finally left Ankara today.  For the third time, we said goodbye to Deniz, dragged our bikes down the four floors to the ground and got moving.  We headed to the bus station in Ankara, which took us a long some pretty big motorways, but we arrived pretty quickly, and after waiting an hour the bus to Cappadocia arrived.  I expected it to be a fuss for us to put our bikes on the bus, but the driver just said ‘other side’ opened up the luggage panels and we stowed them in, no fuss!

The bus we had was great, with TVs in the back of each seat, free drinks and snacks and super comfy.  Our trip to Nevsehir was uneventful, riding past a big salt lake and some mountains, and it took only a few hours.  Upon arrival at Nevsehir however, we realised that the wind was gusting real strong and could be a bit of an issue.  Thankfully, it was blowing with us as we left the station, and within seconds we were doing 50km/h or so.  Unfortunately, the road turned sharply left and so for the next 10k into Goreme we had the strongest gusts on the trip so far, hitting us from our right hand side every time a truck neared us, or so it seemed. 

We got to the campsite in due course, and it was lovely of course, as Cappadocia is. It had a beautiful panorama of Goreme, but the owner was one of the oddest people I’ve met on the trip so far.  Very little came out of his mouth that didn’t involve the words ‘sexy woman, sexy boy, i’m not gay’ or other fun topics.  He hung around a lot as well, and overcharged us for the camping, but fuck it, we’re here now.  Got in touch with Marcus and Kirsty, two tandem cyclists that I met in Istanbul – they had an accident on the road to Nevsehir and are recuperating in Cappadocia – so hopefully we’ll be able to see them soon. 

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