March 7

We had a relatively quiet day today, spending most of our time in the hostel until we had to check out, then a pretty poor attempt to pick up my sim card from the fedex office.  As there was no tracking number since it had been sent by the Royal Mail, they said there was no chance they could pick it up, so I’ve no idea where it could be by now.  C’est la vie.  During the sim hunt, we had a cey with a nice man called Hikmet who called up a bunch of places to check if they had it.  No luck, but we made a new friend, so all is well.

After we gave up on finding my sim card, we went to a nearby park to meet a friend of a friend, Deniz, who would be hosting us for the next couple of days while we were in Ankara.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so we sat in the park and had a couple of beers before heading back to her house.  It was a flipping palace.  The place was enormous, with balconies and great views over Ankara.  Within minutes I was chilling on one of the sofas, feeling totally at home.  I managed to get my Skype working, and skyped my friend Cesca and my family, who are currently skiing in Switzerland, then packed it in for the night.  Tomorrow should be a quiet day as well, but we might cycle to a nearby lake, or just chill really.  Embassies not being open on the weekend is a real bummer. 

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