March 6

I am in a sauna.  We may have made a mistake picking the cheapest hotel/hostel in all of Ankara for a night’s stay.  There are no windows and I am slowly going insane in the deepening heat of the night. 

Our day started well, bright and fresh, after a good night’s sleep, and since we were only 50k away from Ankara we just cruised into town, getting to the outskirts for some well-deserved chicken about noon.  We sat for a while and nursed some cey, before braving the incredibly busy roads once more.  Forty minutes later, we were once again ensconced in a cafe – although this one had internet – and spent an hour or two making our plans for the next couple of days.  Since the only place between here and Baku that we can apply for our Turkmenistan visa is Ankara, we need to stay here until Monday and get that sorted.  Also, the visa for China can only be applied for in either Ankara or Tashkent, so it makes sense to try and get it sorted out here also.  This leaves us two days to explore the relatively boring city of Ankara, so we might end up going for a bike ride. 

After two hours in the second cafe, the staff we getting a bit antsy and it was clear we’d have to move on.  Unfortunately, our Turkish friends hadn’t found us a place yet, nor had warmshowers identified someone who could take us.  We decided to take the crappiest, cheapest room available in the city and by god it lived up to the name.  However, it has a hot shower and running water, even if it is remarkably close to Borneo in heat and humidity.  Sleep may elude us tonight.  So now we’re in Ankara for a few days, looking for a couchsurfing host or one of our Turkish friends to help us to escape this jungle atmosphere and into the bright lights of Ankara.  We may be waiting a while. 

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