March 4

Another brilliant day, warm during the day, cold as hell now I’m in my sleeping bag, but we did over 150k taking us way further than I expected to a little town called Sivrihisar.  Currently camped outside the town after a little dinner of cream cheese and sausage pasta and looks set to be a pretty chilly night. 

We were up and out of our little copse of trees by 745 this morning, just as a few ominous flakes of snow started to fall.  Thankfully, nothing came of them, and we set off on the road to Eskisehir.  Most of the day was spent on the busy road, dodging trucks and cutting through underpasses, and with the help of a pretty strong tailwind we had done about 50k by 10am, so we stopped at a Migros to load up on supplies for the next few days – pasta, rice, dried vegetables.  So glam.  As we were packing up, a friendly man came and brought us some cey, so we had a quick tea break then got on our way.

It was interesting to see the countryside change once we were cycling through Anatolia – it was, as everyone said it would be, pretty much completely flat, with little rolling hills but no serious mountains (except thankfully in the distance).  This makes for pretty boring cycling, with little to interest you apart from the occasional hill to climb and every so often a nice crag or nice bit of dirt.  Boring it may have been, it was very fast, and after having done 135km by 445, we couldn’t resist the lure of hitting 150, so decided to push on through the fading sunlight.  We made an abortive trip into the village itself with the hope of a proper kebab, but with no kebabs or even any kofte forthcoming, we decided to find camp asap as it was getting bloody cold.  Tomorrow we might hit Ankara, if the wind is good to us, but let’s see. 

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