January 26

Waking up in Greece is one of my favourite things. In almost all of the places we sleep, there’s some kind of wild flowers or herbs, and so as you start to get moving, you’re surrounded by these wonderful sweet smells.  Today was no different, with wild thyme surrounding our camp overlooking the Aegean, making getting up and going so much easier.  We were early this morning, breaking camp at 730, but we were running low on food so had very little breakfast.  Come 11 this was affecting us, and we stopped at a bakery (Greek bakeries are my other favourite things about this country) to get some sweet treats.  As usual in these tiny, out of the way places, they had excellent free wifi, so we gorged ourselves for half an hour on pastries and internet access.  Feeling energised, we smashed out the few remaining hills into Kavala, and arriving there about 12, we sat out a passing rain cloud in a cheap burger joint and were soon continuing on towards Xanthi. 

Now, whether it was the hills leading into Xanthi, or the incredibly persistent headwind after leaving Xanthi, the afternoon was a total slog.  Nothing too taxing physically, considering we were climbing mountains the other week, but just left me absolutely drained by the time we got into Xanthi about 5.  The area from Kavala to Xanthi was nothing special, just dull, flat farmland so I spent a good few hours daydreaming of running a European-wide scavenger hunt next year.  In my head, Red Bull and Vodafone have already signed up as corporate sponsors.  I’m making it happen.  We left Xanthi after having the largest gyro I’ve seen in Greece so far and made camp just outside a little town called Kimmeria.  We were incredibly fortunate with the weather, as it held off just long enough for us to set up our tent and get all our stuff neatly put away, before opening up the rain on us. Hopefully come the end of the day tomorrow we’ll be near Alexandroupoli, the last biggish town before Turkey and we’ll get everything ready for our fourth country in as many weeks.

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