January 24

Was awoken by Ryan and the other boys heading back from an Afro-Reggae-Beats night at 4/5am and laughed to myself, thanking my good choice of not heading out and getting trashed.  Waking up at 8, Ry Ry pulled himself out of bed and had the drunk eyes on like crazy.  We both fell back asleep, and come noon were hungry so went out to take some photos of Saloniki and get some gyros. 

Down at the sea, some Ghanaian dude came up to me, singing Bob Marley and gave me a band – as a gift he said.  He then proceeded to ask me for some euros, in no relation to the gift he had just given me of course.  Told him I was cycling to China, and wasn’t really in the habit of having spare money at the moment.  He tried to hit up Ryan and Pete – an american dude we’d met at the hostel – for some money, to no avail.  Suddenly, it turns out the band wasn’t a gift anymore!  As he peeled it off my hand, I made sure to sing him back the Bob Marley he’d sang to me, in the sweetest voice I could muster – ‘don’t worry about a thing, cos every little thing is gonna be alright’ – it was satisfying. 

A nap in the hostel, then chatted to a lady named Susie who’d been travelling for the past 8 years.  We bonded over Central Asian bureaucracy problems and then the four of us went out to get some cheap pasta.  Back to the hostel and intend to pass out pretty soon as we wanna be close to Kavala by end of day tomorrow – going to be a long day.

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