January 6

Waking at 6am, I spent some time making sure my devices were charged, then around 9am we fell upon the free breakfast with vigour.  Well, I tried to at least, but I felt pretty awful after having one sickly chocolate donut and some milk that I passed on pretty much else.  We were on our way by 930, along the via Giro, and passed through some beautiful hills.  My body was absolutely spent and I found the hills really tough, I started the day with the bonk and it didn’t get better.  We managed to make it through the other side happily tho, and once back on the flat stuff I was able to get up a decent speed until we hit a pretty fierce headwind.  It threw itself at us pretty much all day, at least until it got dark.  Had my first encounter with being chased by dogs as well – some yappy little thing ran out in front of me and tried to scare me away, so naturally I jumped on the pedals and got out of there with some vigour.  Nothing significantly eventful happened for the rest of the day until 6pm or so, when I took a crash.  Coming along the road I misjudged the kerb as smaller than it was and ended up going into a metal barrier.  Bruised my right arm, chest and leg but am sure it will be fine tomorrow.  Still having recurring issues with stomach, but able to keep proper food down now.  Wild camping spots very difficult to find here – this stretch has a motorway, train tracks, towns and another main road all sandwiched in between the hills and sea, so there’s not a lot of space for two cheap cyclists, but we got a place in the end.  Tomorrow looking to head into Decathlon to pick up some new trousers, as current ones ripped all the way through the crotch, and also buy some waterproof trousers and/or a hat.  Then off to Pescara. 

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