January 5

Well, good news and bad news.  Good news is the tent stayed dry as a bone, which was bloody great – all night long no condensation at all – we were very happy about that.  Bad news is I spent the entire night vomiting and scurrying into the bushes to relieve myself.  The one high point of the night was when I was vomiting and Ryan leant over to rub me on my back.  He somehow managed to miss my back, and started to gently caress my bottom.  I was not in the best mood at the time, being a little pre-occupied, and could only angrily murmur, “Not my ass, Ryan, not my ass”.  As soon as I’d mentioned this, his hand quickly vacated my ass, and I got back to the task at hand.  It’s the thought that counts eh.  Unfortunately, I got almost no sleep, and the sleep I did get was full of fever dreams.  One of the worst nights of my life.  About 5am I felt that the worst of it was passed, so made up a rehydration mix and was able to drink about half of it. 

Come 7am we started packing up and about 815 we headed off towards Ancona.  Stopping outside a coop, Ryan went to get me some more water and I went to the toilet.  It was going to be a long day.  By the time I left the toilet I’d decided it was not wise for me to cycle, what with every bump threatening the integrity of my bum, so we agreed that it was best to get to Ancona and then find a hostel for the night.  Entering Ancona was hell.  As was the case with Venice, even though it wasn’t marked as a motorway did not mean it wasn’t one.  We ended up following a long, slow ascent of a road all the way up a hill to Ancona, and once we arrived at the top – bearing in mind I was half asleep the entire way and still quite sick, with cars going 70kmph about a foot to my left – we discovered a tunnel.  Ryan and I pondered said tunnel for a while.  Can’t go through the tunnel, far too dangerous.  Can’t go back, even more dangerous – heading onto a motorway.  Well, only thing left is to go over the tunnel.  We unpacked the bikes, hoisted them over a fence and some serious thorny bushes and carried them to the top of the hill.  Once we were up there, we found a conveniently placed road, and were able to carry on quite happily to Ancona. 

Arriving there, we searched around for some wifi, and finding none, decided to ask in some hotels about a cheap place to stay.  The Hotel Gino offered us €40 for a two bed room and bike storage, with breakfast and wifi.  Result.  As soon as we got in, I curled up to sleep the day away, while Ryan busied himself with useful things like cleaning clothes and getting food.  Lots of admin later, such as talking with friends and family, editing photos and uploading them and blog posts I fell asleep again about 10pm.  Also, god I’d missed hot showers. 

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