January 2

Upon waking, we realised that it was cold as fuck outside and there had been a hard frost.  Our bikes were totally iced over, as was most of the tent, so it took us a little while to work up the energy to get going.  Ryan emerged first, trying to take a look at his brakes in the light of a new day, but it was not to be.  Soon, we were both on the way, after I ensured that I was completely layered up – cycling the night before made me realise a t-shirt and gilet were not nearly enough to keep me warm.  Ski gloves, buff, full thermals and ski socks went on and I can safely say I was much toastier.  Today, we cycled from Malcontenta down to Chioggia, along a perfectly straight road and then through an oddly beautiful fen-like landscape. Just as we entered Chioggia, we spotted a McDonalds, and deciding that we needed some calories badly, we jumped in and had two Bacon McNasty’s which were incredible.  I was even more happy when I remembered that McDonalds offers free WiFi in every restaurant, but of course this didn’t work at all. In Chioggia, we found a lovely bike shop owner named Michael who, although not speaking a word of English, grabbed Ryan’s bike and sorted all it’s problems within a half hour.  I took the liberty of stealing a few of his nuts and bolts and re-attached my front mudguard which had been shaken loose the night before – I had foolishly only screwed it on finger tight before setting off.

Since leaving Chioggia on the way to Ravenna, we were treated to an incredible sunset and stopped for twenty minutes to get some snaps.  A little further on we’ve found a nice spot to camp in a wee forest, and Ryan has just returned with some food.  It’s considerably warmer tonight, and we should be able to have a little more ventilation tonight. 

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